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Luvme is the most affordable eco baby range on the market.

Luvme’s eco family dream is to offer eco Mums a quality product without the organic tag.

Luvme offers a range of organic bamboo products for Mums and Bubs. This Australian owned and run eco family business was created 5 years ago and has continued to have amazing success with their quality Luvme Bamboo Eco Baby Products!

Luvme set out to create products that were affordable to everyone – with some of the range cheaper than their non-organic competitors. Eco mums is one of the FAST GROWING NICHES and we GUARANTEE the Luvme product range will be a success in your business!

Why Luvme?

  • 100% Pure Bamboo
  • Made of completely natural ingredients
  • Every product is fully biodegradable and compostable
  • No alcohol, preservatives or nasty chemicals
  • Affordable prices!

Luvme Products

  • Bamboo Biodegradable Wet Wipes

  • Bamboo Disposable Nappies

  • Bamboo Biodegradable Nappy Liners

  • Bamboo Biodegradable Breast Pads

“I gave the nappies the overnight test and my little girl woke up this morning with no leakage and no signs of nappy rash starting! The only nappies I’ve been able to use have been Huggies as every other brand  I’ve tried gave my kids nappy rash. Both my husband and I LOVE that these are so Eco friendly as well. Needless to say I will be purchasing some soon and telling all my friends about them!”


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